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It is settled. Supreme Leader Snoke is NOT Darth Plagueis

Ever since The Force Awakens made its big debut, fans have been speculating about Supreme Leader Snoke. We know next to nothing about this villain so far and you can bet that has a lot of people creating their own theories about it. Who is Snoke? Of the many theories out there, some are silly, some are crazy, and some just might actually make sense. Of course, none of us know for certain and we’ll likely have to wait for the next film to come out to get answers to this big question. One of these theories is that Snoke is Darth Plagueis. Slashfilm’s Ethan Anderton dispels this myth in this post: For whatever reason, some Star Wars fans seem hellbent on trying Supreme Leader Snoke to a Sith master who was briefly mentioned in Revenge of the Sith. If you’re one of those casual fans who doesn’t remember this detail, or…

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More Star Wars after the New Trilogy

If you thought all we had to look forward to was the new trilogy, then Star Wars fans can sit back and listen to some very good news: Word in the industry is that we are going to see more Star Wars films after the newest trilogy. Bob Iger told the BBC that plans to continue delivering space opera installments were in place for beyond 2019, when Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX is due to hit cinemas. That’s great news, right? If you’re a Star Wars fan, then I’d say it probably is. Of course some people are skeptical about whether or not these films are going to be good, and whether or not they can keep the franchise going with that many films and it still be successful but if anything can do it, it’s Star Wars. “There are five Star Wars films – four more with Episode VII: The…

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The Spin-Off Movies: What Do We Know?

Ever since we found out that there were going to be standalone movies that focus on a single character in the Star Wars universe, we’ve had tons of questions—who would they center on? Who would be attached to write and direct? Who would be playing our favorite Star Wars characters? Although the first major announcement about these spin-offs came almost two years ago, we still haven’t learned a lot. We have managed to gather a few rumors, though. We’re confident that one of the films will focus on Han Solo, will take place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Gary Whitta, writer of The Book of Eli and After Earth, was attached to the project, but left after completing the first draft of the script—though the split seems to be an amicable one, judging by Whitta’s support of Disney and Lucasfilm and director Gareth Edwards‘ public thanks to him for writing….

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