Clone Wars Adventures enlists 1 million

Only one week after its release, the free-to-play Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures has already logged in over one million players. In order to celebrate this milestone for Clone Wars Adventures, SOE and LucasArts have rewarded all of the current players with a limited edition Golden Mouse Droid Pet. Also, players will be able to log in this weekend to participate in their first ever in-game party.

The party will be held today, and it will be the first of weekly parties on Clone Wars Adventures. It will be a party where players can meet up, accept duels, and chat amongst themselves. A gathering for the Jedi Members will also be held today for all of the exclusive members. The team behind Clone Wars seems very excited about this event.

According to John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment, they are thrilled with the achievement they have made and “look forward to seeing the player community continue to grow… we’re happy to see that fans of all ages are enjoying the content as much as we enjoyed creating it.” Sounds like a good time! For those who are interested in the browser-based game and all of its festivities, you can visit Clone Wars Adventures‘ website