While we wait: Ryan vs. Brandon 2

The Complete, official version of Ryan vs. Brandon 2 is done. I must say it’s entertaining. This was an awesome way to spend a few minutes before seeing the clone wars tonight.

The video has great production value; the swordplay was very creative and the FXs seemed professional to my untrained eyes. The actors/fighters were pretty good and their performance was, IMO superior to many fights we’ve seen in the prequels notably.

Only downside I can notice is that, like with the SW sextology, most of the strikes do not target the opponent but are simply made so that they can be acrobatically parried. There’s not efficiency to it. It’s one of the most annoying things about the prequels (that Anakin vs. Obiwan swinging contest gif that was on reddit a couple of weeks ago illustrates this perfectly).

If the prequels were to be remade I wish the swordplay would be more deadly and technical. In that regard, this video was great in terms of elbow strikes and kicking.