SWTOR will not require Origin

It’s been a topic tossed around the SWTOR communities for some time and Stephen Reid, Senior Online Community Manager for SWTOR finally clarified it once and for all on the official forums.
SWTOR will not require Origin to be played:
“Regardless of what other games may choose to do in their integration with Origin’s desktop client, here’s what our situation is:

You are not required to use the Origin desktop client to download, patch or play the game client for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This applies whether you purchase The Old Republic via Origin.com or from a retailer in boxed form. You will not be forced to install the Origin desktop client.

There are still various consumer benefits to the client itself, but it’s not required for The Old Republic.”


So there we have it, folks! The issue is done but surely, some people will still find something to complain about. It’s like it’s in the nature of some gamers to get all in a tizzy about this detail or the other and the longer BioWare makes us wait for the game, the more reasons certain people find to complain about things.

As for me, I’m a Steam girl and I really don’t like the idea of being forced to download Origin but since it’s a free platform, I don’t really see the harm in it either. I guess I just don’t care that much either way. What about you?