Curse Buys Darth Hater Site

The guys over at Darth Hater had some interesting news to share with fans today. They have now joined the Curse Network. In the announcement, they recapped all the work they have put into Darth Hater over the past two years, as well as reiterated the goals of the site. They explained what will and will not change now that they are working with Curse:

“By working with Curse, we will provide the community with the world-class technology that we always hoped we could. Whether it is high quality in-game addons or robust out of game features and support, Curse is a well-known and respected entity in the MMO space. Additionally, their website support team will allow us to focus on creating the content you enjoy without being bogged down by the headaches of website management. Gaining access to their experience and expertise, we will be able to realize our goal of producing the best one stop shop for SWTOR players across the globe.”

The announcement concluded with a note that the core values will not change for the Darth Hater site and we can continue to expect the same good things from them- and more!

This could be a good thing for Darth Hater as well as for fans who enjoy the site and their updates. Of course there are those who don’t like Curse and worry that the business marriage may not end well but mostly, fans seem supportive of the decision. What do you think?