Secret Space Project Preview #1

SWTOR Miner is at it again. This time he has reassembled the individual pieces of the new ship models into something coherent. He managed to load complete models into Noesis, and view them. Right now it’s very time consuming to reassemble them, so expect more in the next coming weeks.  You can check out the full preview album of the Republic Striker ship in the bottom of this post.

He also managed to dig out all the Space Tutorial Graphic (Ship UI Graphics) Check that out as well. Here is what we know from the latest data mining: The space update will have Free flight gameplay with a  a mixture of passive, active, and defensive combat abilities with several types of resource management:

swtor 3d space combat

Below is a direct copy from his post:

  • There will be Multiple Modes of Group vs Group Space PvP. It Looks like there will be several objective maps, and modes of play. (which you can solo/group queue for)
  • Tiered advancement to unlock different Space combat upgrade items to use in your new fighter/bomber ship’s loadout. Notes: This is not with your class ship, and once you’ve unlocked all the upgrades it appears everyone will be on the same gear-level, and it will be a more skill/build-based PvP system.
  • Ship-only talent trees/abilities – Boy there’s a ton of them, check them out in the post linked above.
  • Ship/Fleet XP – It looks like the SSSP will bring it’s own advancement system. The Fleet XP is very interesting and I’ll be watching it closely to see what exactly it is.
  • Eight New Space Companions (4 per Faction) – Looks like these will be crew on your new Space fighters. They seem to have individual traits and skills. Though one of each Class’s current companions will be able to assist you. But, I can’t for the life of me find the list again.

This stuff is so huge that I believe we will see this might come as it’s own  digital expansion  – just like Jump to lightspeed did in Star Wars: Galaxies.