TorTools – SWTOR Translator

TorTools - SWTOR Translator

We love bringing you news of cool SWTOR tools and gadgets so here’s a neat little find: TorTools Ability Translator

This tool created by a SWTOR player and fan was created to find the equivalent texts of the game between the English, French and German clients. He used dataminingn with the help of /u/swtor_miner and XeNTaX’s swtor fan.

The tool has abilities names, descriptions, talents and maybe a few other generic texts for now and is growing.

As explained on the website:

This tool allows you to predict the impact of any stat change on your character, or determine what stats are currently the best to stack on your character. First select your class and level, then input your stats. If you wish, you may also use the “Possible change” column to enter possible gain/loss of a stat to compare the results. When you are done, hit the CALCULATE button at the bottom.

The results will first show you how your various stats will be impacted by the changes, if any. At the bottom, the tool will suggest what stats would be best to add at this point.

Disclaimer: Displayed values are for visual representation only. The actual value on your in-game character sheet will vary due to datacrons, companion bonuses or talent choice. Those bonuses do not affect “diminishing returns” and therefore have no impact on the ideal stat distrubution.

This tool is currently in Beta. While it can give a good indication of what the best stats currently are for your character, only you are responsible for the final decision.

Entered values will now be remembered. Added flat bonus for Crit, Surge, Alacrity and Acuracy.

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