TOR TV: Team Poison (8 Lethality Agents)


So Tauntauns had this really stupid idea to run 8 lethality agents and this is the result. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard about SWTOR as I did when I watched this – the DoT’s and the 8-person Orbital Strikes were epic In total there were up to 16 dots on one person at any point. The 8 simultaneous orbital strikes… Holy shit. I wanna see 8 smashers next. I would also love to see the team go up against a 8 man team of shadows! It would be epic!

Team Poison:

  • Psikhotic
  • Double’O (Flexy)
  • Nekrona (Nekron)
  • Galdor (Jayblaze)
  • Catspit (Vullesh)
  • Luigii
  • Nezlok
  • Markeen


  • 1. Toxic by Britany Spears
  • 2. Poison by Bell Biv Devoe
  • 3. Poison by Alice Cooper