4v4 Ranked Warzone Guide

ranked warzones
Ready for some 4v4 ranked Warzones? Before you head into a ranked match, you need to know something about what you’re doing. Most people take these ranked warzones more seriously and you don’t want to waste yours or anyone else’s time by not coming into it prepared. While nothing beats good, old-fashioned practice, taking the time to learn a little by reading and watching videos can help you get a jump start on the whole thing.

Man1ac89x has a great video to help you learn more about 4×4 Warzones. Scroll down to see the video for yourself.

You should also check out this (recently updated) sticky on the forums: PvP 101: HOW TO BECOME A CONTENDER

This thread is THE ultimate guide to PvP. Check out the full Table of Contents to see what it contains:

1) Daillies, Commendations, and Valor
Commendation Management
2) Gearing up for Warzones
a. Level 1: PvE and Bolster
b. Level 2: Obroan
c. Level 3: Brutalizer
3) Expertise: What is it and what does it do?
4) Joining a Guild
a. Teamwork
b. Pre-Made Groups
c. VOIPs
5) Consumables, Rotations, Buffs and Skills
a. Consumables
b. Rotations / Priorities
c. Skills: Taunt
6) The DO’s and DON’T’s of PvP
7) Warzone Objective Tips
a. Voidstar Guide
b. Huttball Guide
c. Ancient Hypergate Guide
d. Civil War Guide
e. Novare Coast Guide
8.) Arenas
a. Tatooine
b. Corellia
c. Orbital Station
9.) All-Star Tactics
10) Conclusion

“A few you have been sending me PM’s to do some commentary on my 4v4 ranked warzones. As requested here you guys go!”

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