Official Revan Trailer is Released


The official trailer for Revan has been released!

We are really excited to see this project coming to life. based on the trailer, the way this has been organized and the dedication and passion put in by the team, we feel confident it’s going to be a success!

See for yourself here:

Thanks to those who have donated to the Kickstarter to help make this happen, the fan film is one more step to being done.

Here’s an update from the team:

We are so, so excited about how this film is turning out. Through everything the project has been through, this is partially a miracle. Thank you all who have been making it possible these past couple years and being involved in the journey with us. It means a lot, and we could not have made this movie without your support. 

We are working very hard daily to get this movie finished, it’s a tough road. But it is happening, nonetheless. 

Get ready for the release of Revan – its coming soon!

May the force be with you… (it’s the final stretch!!) 

– The Revan Team

Follow the project if you want more updates. If you pledged, you should be already getting updates from the team (check your spam if you’re not).

Lisa Clark

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