Star Wars: Battlefront with Toddyhancer

If you’re looking for an awesome mod for Star Wars: Battlefront, we’ve got it right here for you. Be warned, however, this looks like it might take a toll on your resources. We can’t tell if this is a mod or live action role play. Many commenters have echoed our sentiments that it looks like they brought Star Wars to real life. This is the quality that all PC games should be from launch, honestly. How awesome would it be to play your favorite games (especially a shooter) and have it look this realistic? Seriously, check out these screenies and tell us what you think.

Some people find it so impressive they are skeptical, calling him a fake and demanding to see video (which he supplied). Others are family with Toddyhancer mods and are just happy to see it on a Star Wars game. Still others say this is why they will buy the game. This album below is all shots taken from the 2nd build of the mod. There is now a 3rd as he works to get the absolute best version possible to release to the public. So take a look, “ooh” and “ahh” with us and let us know if you’d use this mod.

See many screenshots here:

Star Wars: Battlefront with Toddyhancer (Build 2)

And for everyone who is asking what it looks like in video, here you go:

If you also play GTA V, or just follow news like this in the gaming community, you might be familiar with the Toddyhancer mod from Martin Bergman for GTA V. The photorealistic graphics mods are amazing and add a new element to the games.

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