A FINAL STAND – A Star Wars Fan Film

It’s that time again – fan fiction time! I have another Star Wars fan film I want to bring to your attention. This one is fairly new, just published back in April.

A FINAL STAND – A STAR WARS FAN FILM – A Returned Nerd fan film

After the BATTLE OF EXEGOL, there is one remaining XYSTON planet killer. It is to unite with two First Order Star Destroyers, the destroyers task has been to harvest supplies from the wreckage of the Supremacy Super Star Destroyer. With both the remaining planet killer and FIRST ORDER forces they can pose a great threat to planets. . .

New Republic Headquarters, Coruscant tracks down transmissions about this meeting and Scrambles RED-, BLUE- and GOLD SQUADRON, being led by General Poe Dameron. Now Rushing to stop the planet killing STAR DESTROYER. . . .

All this meanwhile REY is dealing with some “family” business on Tatooine.

Check it out here:

Give it a watch and let us know what you think. If you enjoyed it, be sure to tell Returned Nerd as well, and subscribe to their channel.

Lisa Clark

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