The invention of online casinos in the 1990’s has truly changed the casino and gambling industry for the better. Online casinos allow you access games quicker and even play games for free with better odds. It is a perfect platform for beginners. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop to play online games and gamble without walking or driving to the casino. So many online casinos exist today, so if you want to gamble all you need is an internet connection and you can have all the fun you want. King Billy is one of the casino companies that have developed online casinos.

Smartphones and tablets are the common devices most people use to gamble. Whether you are in the comfort of your homes, in the office or even in your business centre, you can log into online casino sites or sports betting sites and have an exciting gambling experience. Although, tablet gambling and smartphone gambling both make use of internet connections, tablet gambling is not as popular as smartphone gambling for the following reasons;

  • Smartphones are easy to carry

Smartphones are smaller than tablets. It is easier for you to carry smartphones from one place to another. For novices who want to fully understand how the game works, you need to play the game very often. Since you have to play games more often, carrying a tablet more often is a big stress, though it is more comfortable than carrying a laptop from one place to another. So many people prefer smartphones because it is like a mobile casino. You can comfortably gamble with your smartphone by playing roulette, video poker, slots and other casino games. Because smartphones fit into pockets, so many people prefer it over the big tablets for gambling.

  • Smartphone now have bigger screens

Most people prefer tablets because of their bigger screen size. An average tablet size is 10inches. This is much bigger than the 4inches average screen size we had in the olden days. Now smartphones with bigger screens have been created to replace the need for tablets. The average size of a smartphone is now 7inches. Just like when using a tablet to gamble, you can comfortably enjoy gambling when using a big screen smartphone. Using a tablet for gambling is not that popular again because the big screen smartphones also satisfy the visual abilities of a tablet.

  • Drop in tablet sales

Tablet sales have dropped significantly since 2014. In 2019, 144 million tablets were sold, a massive drop from the 230 million tablets that were sold in 2014. Also, the number of phones that are sold every year have skyrocketed. In 2019 there was a massive increase in the number of smartphones that were sold. It clearly shows that so many people prefer the use of smartphones to the use of tablets. Slowly, tablet gambling is phasing out.

  • Smartphones are more comfortable for gambling:

Smartphones are a more comfortable device for gambling. If you want to play some games, and watch some movies at the same time, you could use your tablet to enjoy the bigger view of your movies. However, when playing games, your smartphone is more comfortable because you can handle the stress of watching a movie with a laptop and playing games with your hands. It is more tedious for you to gamble with a tablet and watch some movies with a laptop. Smartphones are popular than tablets for gambling because smartphones provide better comfort. 

  • You cannot gamble at a go with tablets

Tablets do not fit into pockets. Unlike smartphones, it is difficult to carry from one place to another. You will usually need a bag to carry a tablet. This particular disadvantage makes smartphones a much viable device to take with you anywhere you go. If you want to play games at any time you can just do it if you use a smartphone. You do not have to wait to get home before you enjoy your poker, roulette and slots. You can gamble at a go with your smartphones anytime, anyday and at anyplace.

  • Most apps work better with smartphones

Statistics has clearly shown that the number of people that use smartphones is ten times the number of people that use tablets. Due to this fact, most apps are developed and optimized to perform better in smartphones. So if you are using a tablet to gamble, the gamble app will likely reduce in quality because the app that has been optimized for smartphones, will forcefully adjust its properties to suit your tablets, decreasing the graphic contents of the app. Although you can still gamble with tablets, smartphones are mostly used for gambling because the app produces its best pictorial, graphical and sound quality when using a smartphone to gamble than tablet gambling giving you a delightful gaming experience.

  • Smartphones can multi-task

Multitasking is the ability of a device to perform many functions at the same time. Smartphones can be comfortably used to do anything at any time. You can use your phone to gamble, listen to music, surf the internet or watch videos.   Since smartphones can generally do what tablets do, so many people prefer to use smartphones to gamble, as they can still perform other tasks at the same time.

In summary, tablets and smartphones are the common devices that are used for gambling. However, gambling with smartphones is more popular than gambling with tablets. Smartphones are easier to carry around, smartphones now have bigger screens like tablets and the drop in tablet sales have made more people use smartphones for gambling. Unlike tablets, most people are comfortable using smartphones to gamble at anywhere. Also, most gambling apps work better in smartphones than tablets and the ability of smartphones to multi-task has made it a more popular device for gambling. If you want to choose a gambling device, go for smartphones, that is what smart people do.