Star Wars-themed Games You Can Play for Free!

Star Wars is one of the most lucrative, far-reaching pop culture phenomena of all time. Its stories have spiraled in countless directions and into endless media including books, TV series, theme park attractions, and video games. 

There are literally hundreds of Star Wars games, ranging from consoles and PCs gaming to mobile, cards, and board games. But unfortunately, many of these blockbusters cost an arm and a leg to play. So, what are you supposed to do?

Well we have compiled a quick list of 3 stunning Star Wars-themed games which are absolutely free to play. That’s right, you can get your Star Wars fix right here, by playing these awesome games without spending a single penny. Keep your eyes peeled for #3 – it even allows you to make money!

Let’s check them out.

PS4 – Star WarsTM Battlefront II

The Star Wars Battlefront series is one of the most successful Hollywood-to-console adaptations of all time. While the early games mostly had players firing blasters at faceless droid armies, later iterations brought in Jedi heroes, massive worlds, and complex stories. 

You’re probably wondering how you could ever get a blockbuster game like Battlefront II for free, and there is a caveat: this option is only available to PlayStation owners. Similar to Xbox’s “Game Pass” service, many PlayStation players are taking advantage of PlayStation PLUS: an add-on service which gives players access to a ton of free games, including Star Wars: Battlefront II

Mobile – Star WarsTM Galaxy of Heroes

In a move which sets a precedent against another Star Wars games, Galaxy of Heroes allows players to access characters and weapons from multiple stories, including: 

It’s an immersive, powerful game that has had rave reviews from players since its debut. There are in-game purchases available, but the game is still great without them!

PC – Drone Wars Slot from Microgaming

Drone Wars has everything players love about classic Star Wars games – except for the name! 

Drone Wars is an awesome online video slot from Microgaming where players suit up as a Jango Fett/Luke Skywalker-type space pilot taking on an army of clones I mean, er, drones! Players can trigger bonus rounds in between waves of drone attacks which lead to lucrative, real-life bounty in the form of huge winnings. 

Best of all? Players can play for free by leveraging free spins offered out by casinos. But if you’ve never played online slots before, be wary of the potential pitfalls of free spins offers, including wagering requirements, limited game contributions, low withdrawal limits, and a potentially low maximum bet per spin.

There are others to watch for, but in general as long as you read the T&Cs and keep your head on straight, you play Drone Wars – plus the other games we mentioned – for free, for as long as you like!