Intel Announces Exclusive Star Wars Outlaws CPU Bundle with 14th Gen Processors

Intel Teams Up with Star Wars Outlaws for an Exclusive CPU Launch Bundle

Intel is gearing up to bring gamers and Star Wars enthusiasts an offer that’s as enticing as a trip through hyperspace. In a groundbreaking partnership, Intel has been announced as the exclusive CPU launch partner for the eagerly anticipated “Star Wars Outlaws”, setting the stage for a promotion that’s bound to excite the tech and gaming communities alike. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, as Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment herald “Star Wars Outlaws” as the “first-ever open-world Star Wars game,” a title that has already set the gaming world abuzz with anticipation.

A Galactic Bundle for the Ages

Starting Tuesday and continuing until July 31, 2024, Intel is offering a promotion that seems almost too good to be true. Partners of the tech giant have begun to bundle 14th Gen processor-equipped laptops with promotional codes for a complimentary digital copy of “Star Wars Outlaws”. But the good news doesn’t stop with laptop buyers; desktop PC purchasers and the DIY community can also partake in this stellar offer, ensuring that no one is left stranded on Tatooine.

Navigating the Stars of the Promotion

To claim your slice of the galaxy, the essential step is to confirm that your purchase is made through a store or reseller participating in the “Star Wars Outlaws” promo. A quick check of online product listings or a direct inquiry in-store should reveal whether your chosen product is part of this universe-spanning offer. The promotion specifically targets products housing qualifying laptop or desktop CPUs, a list of which can be found alongside Intel’s full terms and conditions for the promotion.

Under the Hood: The Snowdrop Engine and Intel’s Innovations

Massive Entertainment’s choice to utilize Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine for “Star Wars Outlaws” is a move that promises breathtaking graphics and immersive gameplay. The engine, previously used to stunning effect in “The Division 2”, benefits from new optimizations specifically tailored for Intel’s 14th Gen hybrid CPUs. These enhancements are designed to fully leverage the unique processing power of Intel’s hybrid architecture, ensuring an even more detailed and fluid gaming experience. While the GPU has traditionally played a pivotal role in delivering performance in Snowdrop-powered games, these CPU optimizations are expected to elevate the gaming experience for users of 12th and 13th Gen Core CPUs as well.

An Adventure Unbound

“Star Wars Outlaws” invites players to step into the boots of Kay Vess, an aspiring outlaw on a quest for freedom and a fresh start. Set in the interlude between “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”, the game promises an expansive open-world experience filled with danger, intrigue, and the unmistakable allure of the Star Wars universe. From navigating bustling cityscapes to exploring remote landscapes, players will encounter a galaxy brimming with opportunity and peril.

Claim Your Piece of the Galaxy

For those who secure their free game code through Intel’s promotion, the countdown begins to “Star Wars Outlaws'” release on August 30, 2024. This unique offer not only sweetens the deal for those in the market for a new CPU or laptop but also presents a savings opportunity on a game poised to become a landmark title in the Star Wars gaming legacy. With a value of $69.99, this promotion is a call to action for gamers and Star Wars fans contemplating a tech upgrade. May the Force (and Intel) be with you on your journey to a new life in the galaxy far, far away.