Launch site for SWTOR?

Launch site for SWTOR?

I read a story this morning and it looks like some members of the swtor forum have found a “launch site” for SWTOR! The link can be found below.. You have to login with your account information and when you login there will be a message in red that says “No game servers are currently available for play.” This is obviously going to be the site where the beta will be played 🙂

This is super exciting to all of us who have been waiting for the beta and for the launch of next year.. This site proves to us that they are making more and more progress with the game... They’re setting up the servers and getting everything ready for a nearing beta launch and we will possibly hear an official launch date very soon 🙂

Launch site for SWTOR?

So what do YOU think that this could mean? Leave your comments below!

This is only good news for us swtor fans! Just remember that patience is a virtue, and I am sure there are plenty more fun and exciting updates that will be coming out very soon.. So stay tuned for our blog posts, and we’ll chat with you all later!

Possible SWTOR launch site >>>

Cool article that we found this info on >>>

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