The guild – New column


This is Peter writing to you. I’ll be overseeing and writing a new weekly column here om called “The Guild” where YOU can share your thoughts on the coming Star Wars: The old republic. Do you know something about the game we don’t? Do you have any special plans or thoughts about the guild system, the combat system or even the payment system? Send me an email, and I might contact you for further information and bring an exclusive interview with you here on this column! No thoughts are too small or too big to be important on this column!

Now – a little about myself. My name is Peter (As I already mentioned) and I’ve played mmorpgs since DAoC, and before that, I did a few years of mud’ing. I went on to play SW:G where I led a really large flora empire with a friend of mine, while maintaining one of the biggest cities on the server. (Called Tuborg if anyone would remember). I have, of course, played WoW for some years, and I continually try out different kinds of smaller mmorpg’s, from the weird cartoonish ones to the more realistic larger scale games.

Well – enough about me, let’s get back to you, since you’re the real star on this blog. If you’re withholding information you think everyone cannot live without, or you simply woke on one day and thought “I need to share this!” then don’t hesitate – send me that email! Again – whichever part of the game, from dynamics to graphics, from voices to weapons, don’t think it isn’t interesting, I guarantee you it is!
Thanks for reading this short blog, and I hope to see you again very soon. Contact information for all your interesting emails below.
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