The Forums Get A Facelift

Who better to tell you about the changes to the Forums then…

“Fans who like to talk about everything Star Wars on our forums might noticed the brand-new redesign and features. If you haven’t been to the new Star Wars Forums, now’s a good time to start.

The Forums are broken down into categories of interest such as the Movies, the Expanded Universe, Video Games, Roleplaying Games, Fan Activities and Events, and more. Collectors will enjoy our new extensive section dedicated to everything from vintage and modern toys, as well as other collectibles.

Fans can chat to their hearts content about The Clone Wars in the new Star Wars on Television section. Don’t feel like talking about Star Wars? Have fun sharing comments in The Cantina section about everything from your favorite sports team to the TV shows you can’t stop raving about.

Customize your forums experience with the following options and features: Time Zone, threads per forum, messages per thread, and message sort order. Leave your own mark at the end of your posts with your own message signature. You can also now watch threads, forums, categories, and users; and receive notifications via email
. Avatars and user profiles are now available to all users which was previously only available to Hyperspace members.

Save drafts of messages for later. Autosave is also active to keep your messages safe. Your saved drafts of unposted messaged can be accessed via control panel, plus there’s now WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing of posts for fans using Internet Explorer
and Firefox browsers, which means you don’t need to know any complicated coding to post your messages in bold, italics and more. Markup syntax no longer uses a custom solution; it uses standard Wiki-style syntax.

We now have user tagging of posts and tag cloud presentation of tags. This is a fun way to browse the forums based on keywords alone. Just click on the keyword and see where it takes you. You can also now search forums based on keywords.

Forgot where you left off last in the forums? You can now view the history of your recently visited threads.

Abuse reporting is now built into message threads. Every message has a “report abuse” link. Of course, we continue to have a stellar group of moderators who keep our forums organized, civilized and running smoothing. If you feel as though something is amiss on the forums, you can always post on the Forums Feedback section.

Get started chatting with other fans now, Star Wars Forums.”

Do you really need a reminder that SW:TOR have some pretty nifty forums too?