Group Q&A Sessions with Developers Recaps

The embargo has been lifted from the Austin Fan Site Summit and people are talking!
The Q&A session with developers is one of the most interesting pieces of revealed content so far. If you wanted to know more about SWTOR, then this is a don’t miss. The question and answer sessions covered a range of topics relevant to the developer answering questions at the time. Blaine Christine & Daniel Erickson are always fun to listen to and get you really excited about the game.
Damion Schubert answers some other important questions but brings possible disappointment regarding some guild features. As part of a guild that is registered for SW:TOR I agree with others who were a little bummed that a guild leveling system (a-la WoW and LOTRO) doesn’t seem to be a top priority and instead is on the “board of cool things we’d like to add”.
While our guild does not classify ourselves as “hardcore”, we quickly achieve a high guild rating in WoW and we are super excited about playing SWTOR, to the point that some guidlies have quit WoW just to wait for Star Wars. So it’d be nice to see more priority placed on the guild benefits. Will there even be a guild bank? What will be the benefits to being in a guild at all? Interesting points I am not yet seeing the answers to.
Regardless, the game is just as awesome as I have been expecting it to be and I cannot wait to see more of the Fan Site Summit info going public so we can see your reactions as well!
Some of the questions that are asked and answered include:
·         So, do you think the gap between casual and dedicated crafters will be smaller than in other MMOs? Can you tell us how they are rewarded – the dedicated ones?
·         Is there an advantage or disadvantage to maybe not playing hard Dark/hard Light?
·         Will Flashpoints be re-doable and can you use those in order to farm for rewards like Light side/Dark side?
·         We wanted to know if you’re gonna have multiplayer Cantina games such as Pazzak, or Sabbacc or something like Swoop Racing?
·         In regards to the economy system- Can you mention some besides those you already mentioned, like mounts or paying for skills or so?
Here are some Q&A recordings worth listening to:
Other interesting highlights:
·         You will never have to go outside of the core game to get upgrades to the core game. When you PvP, you will get things for PvP.
·         They want to make the crafting system beneficial and not “too hard” to accomplish.
·         There will be mounts. They will be expensive. (via Damion Schuber)