BioWare: The Old Republic will be “one of the biggest launches ever in the history of gaming”

Eurogamer explains how EA is waiting to make the announcement of a release date for when they are sure the game is ready to “pull the trigger” after they spoke with them at Gamescon last week.

BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk explained that it was vital from day one – whenever that may be – to ensure the game was “available, reliable, [and] really solid”.

He said: “We’re doing our very best to get it out as fast as we can. With a game like this, getting it all right, getting all the server stuff right is just as important as getting the game right.””

Thousands of people are waiting to play the game and while we are all super excited to finally have it for ourselves, we share the sentiments that we don’t want a launch until it’s properly prepped and ready to go. But just how much longer will that be?

BioWare says this will be one of the biggest launches of history and they assure fans that they are working their hardest to get the game out as fast as they can.

From Eurogamer:

“Despite producing some of the biggest franchises in gaming, Zeschuk admitted SWTOR was “kinda daunting”, adding: “This game’s launch is going to be one of the biggest launches ever in the history of gaming.”

This is more than just waiting on a great game; we might be seeing video game history happening right before our eyes.