Unscheduled maintenance (1.0.2b Patch Notes 1/5/2012)

The SWTOR Servers just went down for an unscheduled maintenance. Here is the what why and when:

We are working on getting a patch deployed to address the issues that some players are still experiencing after 1.0.2 including:

  • Fixing an issue that causes in-game chat channels to stop functioning for some players.
  • Preventing social emotes (like /getdown) from interfering with combat.

We’re currently testing this patch, and we hope to have it deploy sometime in the early hours of the morning tomorrow (CST), but if we experience any issues with this patch, we may hold off its deployment until tomorrow night.

The combat bug with social emotes we talked about yesterday was pretty game breaking, and so is the chat channel bug, so it’s nice to know that BioWare are ready to resolve problems fast rather then wait till next scheduled update.

Random image is random. Nice Rancore though 🙂