Species of Starwars: Arcona

The Arcona are a species of intelligent, limbed serpents native to the planet Cona. Their desert world is devoid of free water, but has dense concentrations of ammonia. The Arcona evolved claws to get at the water pods concealed beneath the rocky soil of Cona, and ammonia is employed in a supplementary circulatory system used to rid waste from their bodies.
The Arcona’s eyes, set wide apart on their anvil-shaped heads, have thousands of individual receptor cells that register color, but give no delineation to form. It is the bulbous, diamond-shaped heat-sensing organ set between their eyes that brings their blurred multicolor world into focus. The Arcona sense of smell is based on their long, flickering tongue that collects molecules for analysis.

Arcona live in loose, family-based collectives called nests that are ruled over by the Grand Nest. The society arose from the need to protect the young Arcona. The need for community is so strong that Arcona lack a sense of individuality; they rarely speak of themselves in the first person and instead use the pronoun “we.””

Cona has been a source of metals and minerals for galactic corporations for centuries, and in that time, a peculiar blight has hit the Arcona populace. The results of salt—simple sodium chloride—interacting with their optic nerves creates an addictive, hallucinatory array of colors in their vision. As a deadly side effect, the salt destroys their ammonium-utilizing pancreatic organ. Arcona salt addicts will do whatever they can to feed their addiction, while Arcona non-addicts will attack those smuggling salt to Cona. The female Arcona, which are generally less responsible than the male, form the bulk of the addict population. Addicts need 25 grams of salt per day, or they will suffer physiological pangs of withdrawal. Arcona salt addicts are easily recognized by the color of their eyes—they are a glittering gold instead of the usual green color.

Before they made contact with other beings, the Arcona were not technologically advanced. Although they eventually used sentient technology, they never developed any of their own. When scouts from the Old Republic first arrived on Cona, many Arcona were extremely enthusiastic about exploring the galaxy. Oftentimes, whole communities sought to travel off-world. As a consequence, Arconan colonies were quite common throughout the galaxy. After becoming used to other species’ technology not present on Cona, the Arconan were commonly seen in every spaceport in the galaxy.

FAQ for Species of Star Wars: Arcona

Who are the Arcona?

The Arcona are a reptilian humanoid species in the Star Wars universe, recognized for their distinctive greenish eyes and diamond-shaped heads. They hail from the desert planet of Cona.

What is the home planet of the Arcona?

The home planet of the Arcona is Cona, a hot and arid world with vast deserts and limited water resources.

What are some notable characteristics of the Arcona?

Arcona have distinctive diamond-shaped heads, large green or gold eyes, and scales instead of skin. They also have a unique metabolism that is highly dependent on ammonia, which they obtain from salt.

What is the significance of the Arcona in Star Wars lore?

The Arcona are known for their adaptability to harsh environments and their unique physiology. They are often portrayed as resourceful and resilient beings capable of surviving in some of the galaxy’s most extreme conditions.

Are there any famous Arcona characters in the Star Wars series?

Yes, Hem Dazon is a well-known Arcona character who appeared in the Mos Eisley Cantina in “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.” He is one of the many aliens featured in the iconic cantina scene.

How do the Arcona survive on their home planet Cona?

The Arcona have adapted to Cona’s harsh environment by developing a metabolism that processes ammonia. They consume salt to meet their ammonia needs, which helps them retain water in the arid climate.

What are some cultural aspects of the Arcona?

Arcona culture is centered around community and survival. They live in tight-knit groups and have a strong sense of cooperation and mutual support. Storytelling and sharing knowledge are also integral parts of their culture.

How do the Arcona interact with other species in the Star Wars galaxy?

The Arcona are generally peaceful and cooperative, often forming alliances with other species for trade and mutual benefit. Their adaptability and resourcefulness make them valuable partners in various intergalactic ventures.

What role do Arcona play in the Galactic economy?

The Arcona contribute to the Galactic economy through trade and agriculture. Despite the harsh conditions of Cona, they cultivate crops that can withstand the arid climate, which they trade with other planets.

How does the environment of Cona influence the Arcona’s lifestyle?

The arid environment of Cona has significantly shaped the Arcona’s lifestyle. They have developed a unique metabolism to conserve water and thrive in desert conditions. This adaptability influences their daily activities and social structures.

What challenges do the Arcona face due to their dependency on salt?

The Arcona’s dependency on salt for ammonia poses a challenge, especially when they are off-world. They need to ensure a steady supply of salt to maintain their metabolic balance, making them susceptible to exploitation and health issues if deprived of salt.