Chevin Grand Acquisitions Quest Tips and Hints

You still have until Tuesday to complete the Grand Acquisition quest chain and if you’re just now getting started, you’ll have to be quick to get it all done but there are also some benefits to starting later. For one, other people have already done it and leads have been revealed, making it a bit easier to get where you need to go and do what you need to do.

I wanted to write a full guide to the quests for you but our dear friend Dulfy has already done all the hard work quicker and better than me. This is by far the best guide on the Internet you are going to find to the Grand Acquisition.

Here she posts about the leads currently available (and bookmark the age because she is updating regularly):

  • August 16 – A New Lead is now available.
  • August 15 Senior Community Coordinator Allison Berryman informs us that the sand people outfit will be Bind to Legacy in the future, rejoice!
  • August 15 – Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez updates us on the bugs w/ Lead quests and reveal plan for the event
  • August 15 – A Lead quest unlocked. Other two lead quests still locked.

She then goes on to tell about the event, the Codex entry and the complete quest navigation. Spoilers are labeled as such and you have to click on them to open them so don’t worry that any storyline will be ruined if you go to browse the guide now.

Quest Navigation

 A Lead (Akar Mediation Mask)Mailbox –> Dromund Kaas/Coruscant
A New Lead (Black and Orange Sphere)Mailbox –> Nar Shaddaa
New -Another Lead (Plasma Sealed Jar)Mailbox –> Nar Shaddaa
A Questionable Motive (Empire)Mailbox –>Dromund Kaas –> Nar Shaddaa
Dubious Motives (Republic)Mailbox –> Coruscant –> Nar Shaddaa
Shard of Harterra (Empire)Dromund Kaas Expansion District
Collected Writings of Tiethiagg (Empire)Dromund Kaas Lord Grathan’s Estate
Perserved Colicoid Queen Egg (Empire)Dromund Kaas Revaanite Camp
Shard of Harterra (Republic)Coruscant Justicar Territory
Collected Writings of Tiethiagg (Republic)Coruscant Black Sun Territory
Perserved Colicoid Queen Egg (Republic)Coruscant Old Galactic Market
Fossilized Krayt Dragon Pearl (Both factions)Nar Shaddaa Duros Sector
Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus (Both factions)Nar Shaddaa
Rakata Eating Utensils (Both factions)Nar Shaddaa Industrial Sector

So there you go! Do you have specific questions not covered in Dulfy’s guide? Let us know in the comments or send us a message and we’ll find out for you. And if you like her guide, make sure you pop over and tell Dulfy “thanks!”

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