Patch Notes 1.6.1 – 12/18/2013

BioWare have finished this week’s scheduled maintenance and the servers are now back up and running. Apart form a few bug fixes to Speeder Piloting and versus test bugs, this patch sees some new additions to the Cartel Market. Jedis and Warriors should be happy about this, as they get new armor:

new jedi and sith armor

Below are the complete patch notes:

Cartel Market

New Items

      • The Valiant Jedi and Sith Raider armor sets are now available for 1,440 Cartel Coins each.


      • 10% discount on Black Market Cartel Packs. Cost: 162 Cartel Coins.
      • 10% discount on Crime Lord Cartel Packs. Cost: 324 Cartel Coins.
      • 10% discount on all Weekly Passes. Cost: 216 Cartel Coins per Weekly Pass.
      • 50% discount on the Rancor Holo-Replica. Cost: 90 Cartel Coins.


    • The Improved Speeder Piloting I item included with the LD-1 Celebrator speeder now correctly reflects that the unlock is player-only and not account-wide.
    • Some item names and descriptions have been updated for consistency and standardization.


    • Elite War Hero Combat Tech and Combat Medic items now require the correct War Hero pieces for purchase.

Ancient Hypergate

    • Text displayed during loading screens for this Warzone is now correct in French and German.


  • Text for several missions, items, and tooltips introduced in Game Update 1.6 is now correct in French and German.
  • The French and German commands for the /backflip, /superflex, /panic, /mourn, and /mock emotes now work correctly.