PTS Opening with NM Scum & Villainy

swtor public test servers

BioWare reopenen the Public test servers testing  Nightmare Scum & Villainy!  So now it’s time to update your PTS client and test out the new content. Remember to provide provide feedback and bug reports so the develoerps know what to fix.


Today we will open The Public Test Server for testing Nightmare Mode Scum and Villainy, which is due to deploy in Game Update 2.2.2. We encourage guilds and groups to log in and test the new mode for this Operation, and we’re particularly interested to see those of you that logged in during Game Update 2.2 Nightmare Mode testing return to test new updates as well as the changes we made to address the feedback provided in the last round for PTS testing.

We’re excited to read everyone’s feedback! Please post your thoughts and/or any issues you find here in the PTS Forums. Also, please don’t forget to use /bug for any issues you encounter, as these are sent directly to our QA team.

As we are focusing completely on the Nightmare Mode for this round of testing, patch notes will not be provided. Furthermore, character copy will not be available during this round of testing. Thanks in advance for your participation!