Flickr Star Wars Lego Group

This is just too cool not to share. The Flickr Star Wars Lego Group has some of the best Lego Star Wars scenes I have ever seen. They are fun, they are funny, some are flirty and some are just plain silly.

Here are some of my recent favorites:

The epic battle- Star Wars Minifigures Lego
The epic battle

Honestly, this a great group to follow if you love Lego and Star Wars. I love seeing the creativity that people come up with and it’s just plain fun.
16th Dec – “Christmas Cook-off
25 Days of Christmas LEGO series.
Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers are taking part in a Christmas Cook-off with Superman as the special guest judge. Who do you think would win this cook-off?
16th Dec - "Christmas Cook-off"

Crashed X-wing
Even though I love the X-Wing, I have to be honest about the casualties of war. This is a view from the planet of Hoth after the imperial invasion and the sacking of Echo base. This unfortunate fighter was shot down, and will never fly again.

It was kinda difficult editing this photo. The hard part was the border between the snow and the mountains. I would like to think I learned some new aspects in this. Let me know what you think.

Always strive to do hard things.
The X-Wing had to be cleaned thoroughly after this shot. Digital edit in this shot are the mountains in the background, sky and smoke.

Crashed X-wing

There is a Problem
131214 There is a problem

Snow Day
First snow! The snowtroopers stopped the AT-AT for the morning and allowed the kids to go for a sled ride.
Snow Day

“Now back to Bag End with it!”
Damn it, Bombur, stop stealing my Combos!
"Now back to Bag End with it!"

Skywalker Family Fun – Dad is about to cut the turkey.
I know this joke (about cutting the turkey with a lightsaber) has probably been done to death but I didn’t come up with anything else for Thanksgiving 🙂
I’m a few days early but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Skywalker Family Fun - Dad is about to cut the turkey.

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