Swtor-mined: 2.7PTS New Maps | 3/1/2014

swtor map

swtor_miner have been playing around with the new patch on the Public test servers and found some more goodies. First image is the Quesh Huttball map. The next two are the departure hangars for the new Flashpoints. (I wonder why there are 5 shuttles…) The rest are of the Tython and Korriban Flashpoints. Check it out below:

My best assumption is that they copy pasted the old flashpoint rooms, and so they have 6 total rooms. and can fillup the other 2 when they feel like it.
Personally I wouldn’t mind them pushing the rakata prime flashpoint a bit and have a flashpoint where we race against each other to find the Star Maps (multi planet flashpoint) I.e. Start at Korriban. Fight a boss, clicka shuttle takes us to Kysshyyk(pardon spelling) fight the 2nd boss there, jump to Dantooine. etc.