SWTOR Leveling a Toon Entirely Through Galactic Starfighter!

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If you have ever wondered if it is possible to level from 1-55 entirely through the Galactic Starfighter, then your answer is here. It can be done and someone has done it and told us all about it. According to this post on the official SWTOR forums:

“I logged in at level 1 and immediately queued – flying the Star Guard for a while to earn my Flashfire. 1-8 were done standing next to the shuttle on Ord Mantell, and then I rode it over to the fleet, where I remained until level 15. Returning to Ord Mantell, I did the class questline up to the point where Corso joins you as a guest, in order to use him as my co-pilot.

I hopped the shuttle back to the Republic Fleet, and have been there ever since – I’ve become somewhat of a fixture on the Ebon Hawk‘s fleet – at any given time you’ll find me standing in the exact same spot on the railing in the combat section, near the pvp terminal.

I got hooked on the Flashfire, and suddenly realized I was actually good at GSF – not the best on the server (that’d be Andern, Kvikorma, and Large), but kind of up there, and I kind of lost track of everything else in the game and started doing nothing but GSF. I met some friends and joined a guild full of amazing flyers, so thanks to Saberwing for taking me in and giving this Imperial diehard a home on Republic side.

My Flashfire was mastered at the same time I dinged level 30, but I never stopped flying it, except for short excursions on my Pike or Quarrel to mess around and pick up some requisition on them. I still only have one companion, though my crew skills are all maxed.

My battlerecord shows me at just under 4 days played on Highjinks, and I’m 40 battles away from Fleet Admiral. Got Space Ace a good while ago  Sometime in the next few days I’ll go ahead and do the class quest to pick up my other companions, and I may even get an advanced class, though GSF will still be my main focus.”

So what do you think? Have you tried this yet? Would you ever try it? It makes me think of leveling in BGs in WoW back when you still got a lot of experience for doing that. It may not be the quickest and most efficient way to level up but it can be a nice change of pace for a player who has grown bored of leveling the traditional way or for a player who just wants to try something a little different.

Do you have any other creative ways of leveling up in SWTOR?

Lisa Clark

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