Can SWTOR Help You Land a Job?

games-at-workHere’s an interesting topic to ponder. It’s one that I was discussing with some fellow gamer friends just a week or so ago. We were talking about how we are leadership members within our gaming community and how this experience translates to the “real world” and also how our real life experience helps us be better leaders in the games we play. It’s so common in gamers today but it’s not always a topic we hear people talk about.

So leads us to another question: Can SWTOR help you land a job?

We’ve heard of people putting World of Warcraft on their resumes. We’re not certain how that worked out for them but with how mainstream WoW has become, it’s not a surprise if it helped a bit if they were able to put the game-work connection in it. So why can’t SWTOR experience be the same? We believe it can!

Here are some ways that your gaming experience might help you with a job:

Dress for Success- Gear makes a difference in SWTOR, like most MMORPGs. When you are geared for the occasion, you are stronger and more confident. Your character performs better. Now apply this to your job hunt. Being dressed for success makes you more likely to get the job. Mission completed.

Log your Steps- Do you track what you do in your job? Do you keep lists and notes to help you see where you’ve been and what you’ve done right or wrong? Just like your in-game logs, keeping track of your steps can be so helpful.

Learn from Mistakes- Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes your missions fail. Sometimes you die and have to respawn. Those who truly enjoy SWTOR keep trying until they get it and they learn from their mistakes. Just think about how these same principles can be applied to your job.

Use your Items- Potions and other consumables are used carefully. You don’t want to use them all up or blow your cooldowns only to find you really need an item. Timing and careful planning are learned here.

Focus on your Plan- To down bosses and clear zones, you must have a plan. There needs to be a plan and then everyone invilved needs to follow it correctly in order to have a successful mission.

So if you’re on the job hunt, or looking for a promotion in your current job, consider these points and your SWTOR experience. Can SWTOR help you land a job?

Lisa Clark

Lisa has been an avid gamer since she was old enough to hold her first controller and a game writer for more than a decade. A child of the Nintendo generation, she believes they just don’t make games like they used to but sometimes, they make them even better! While consoles will always be her first love, Lisa spends most of her gaming time on the PC these days- on MMOs and first-person shooters in particular.