Giant Crazy Wishlist for SWTOR- What Would You Wish For?

5LnbJIf you could have any features you wanted in SWTOR, what would they be? What features would you be willing to pay for if they added them to the game?

Some SWTOR Reddit users have a nice thread going on about their SWTOR wishes. Everything from the practical to the ridiculous is coming out in this thread and

Here are some things being mentioned in the conversation:

  • I’d like to be able to watch huttball while I’m queued for warzones.
  • Legacy companion summoning. Generate a companion with the same class, items, and name as another character in your legacy with a default set of abilities associated to that class.
  • LEGACY IGNORE. If I put someone on ignore, I want to be able to ignore everyone on their account/legacy.
  • I would like to summon my alts as a companion.
  • I want to be able to sort by and see the unit price on the GTN, instead of sort by total price and having to mouseover to find the unit prices.
  • I want an address book on the mailbox. [shift], [ctrl], or [alt] + right click to mail a single item. I would like the mailbox not to switch back to incoming after using outgoing.
  • Legacy wide speeder ability unlocks.
  • An in-game music player that lets you play any of the soundtracks or something from a designated library on your system.
  • Planet to Planet quick travel without going through a spaceport
  • Legacy weapon unlocks within the ranged/melee category (sniper rifles for commandos, saber staves for marauders, etc)
  • Retire the current Hutt Ball map and have a new one every few content patches.
  • Have Cantinas mean something. Allow people to gain rested XP faster in Cantinas as long as you’re logged in. Allow people to watch/bet on Huttball Matches while in a Cantina
  • Move faction gathering spots off of the Fleet and onto a planet (so boring to look at the fleet).
  • Pod Racing circuit, compete for credits and noteriety
  • Overlap resources, forcing more “world pvp”
  • Have different types of quests beyond “kill these twenty bonus mobs and find/click on these 4 blue things””

These are some of my favorites from the player suggested wish lists. Some are a little over the top and others, honestly, sound like things the game should have already. I’d really like to see BioWare attempt to address some of these suggestions.

If there were no limitations, what would you wish for in SWTOR?

Lisa Clark

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