Star Wars Rebels – a Hot New Cartoon to Sink Your Fangs into


Star Wars Rebels started out as a rather inconspicuous little cartoon anchored in the Star Wars universe of which few people expected much upon launch. Now 7 episodes old, the Series keeps delivering pleasant surprises week after week, and it is increasingly looking like we have something seriously entertaining on our hands in it. Its last Episode, titled “Empire Day”, introduced a concept the previous 6 episodes hadn’t dabbled in yet: that of a multi-episode storyline. While this will remind some Star Wars fans of The Clone Wars storylines, each of which unfolded over 3-4 episodes, a practice which grew quite irksome towards the end, in Rebels, this facet of storytelling will apparently not be abused.

Empire Day was a wonderfully entertaining bit, not too long or short, and featuring just about enough action for one episode. The parade, no one really wanted to be at, organized to honor the Empire, was an obvious target for the ragtag group of rebels the Series are centered on. Plot-wise, this time it was Ezra again who took center stage, a week after we learned a thing or two about Sabine. Apparently, there are quite a few things Ezra does not know about his parents, something which sets the stage nicely for upcoming plot twists. Tseebo, whose presence in the episode was a bit reminiscent of Jar Jar Binks, will apparently play a role in uncovering the story of Ezra’s parents as well.

The action sequences were once again plentiful and well put-together. The villains, in this case the imperial troops and combat drivers, were more than mere décor plot-wise. One of them turned out to be unusually capable and tenacious, causing the crew all sorts of problems until Kanan’s light-saber finally took care of him.

The bottom line: the story of Empire Day was not finished off in a rush, as it has been the case in some of the previous episodes. This is a welcome twist indeed, one that fans of the Series certainly appreciate.

Philip Thalberg works for Gosugamers, the site behind the recently launched gosumedia, an operation aiming to provide top-notch e-sports consultancy and services.