Why the Last Jedi Is a Powerful Fable on the Importance of Teaching

The Star Wars series had been enthralling the global audience since 1977 with the three generations of the Skywalker family, starting with Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace to Ben Solo/Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. And now we are on the cusp of bidding farewell to the series after four decades with the release of Star Wars: Episode IX.

It would be perhaps safe to say that Star Wars has been one of those rare franchises with a wide range of merchandises ranging from dresses to toys. It also includes electronic gadgets, products for office use, etc. You can get to see various themed online slots games at online casinos and Internet games bingo websites. Most of them have Star Wars themed games. Log in and find your favourite game online.

One major reason for the success of the Star Wars franchise will be the lessons that can be learnt from the movies, be it management lessons, or basic values or even emphasising on the importance of good teaching. What can be observed from all the six movies are the negative repercussions of teaching which ultimately leads to the lead characters falling to the dark side. We are not able to judge the teaching process as good or bad. For example, in the prequel trilogy series, despite Master Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi being fabulous mentors to Anakin Skywalker and despite him being hailed as the saviour of the galaxy, he ultimately falls to the dark side to become one of the most dangerous and iconic villains of the series- Darth Vader.

In the sequel series, we feel a sense of Déjà vu when Luke Skywalker banishes himself to Planet Ahch-To as a punishment for allowing his nephew Ben Solo to turn to the dark side. It is this situation which forms the crux of the story of The Last Jedi. This movie has tons of lessons on good teaching which has repeated in almost every scene in the movie. A few scenes in the movie would include the conversation between Master Yoda and Luke Skywalker where Master Yoda calls down lightning on the unity tree, thus destroying the bound library of Jedi. Yoda cites adaptability as the reason for destroying the library which was considered sacrosanct to the entire Jedi community. Another instance is when Rey approaches Luke Skywalker to learn the ways of the Force. But his persistent refusal to teach only ignites her determination to learn. As she goes about figuring out ways to learn from the Jedi Master, she finally learns that she had to take the example of her master and learn from his mistakes. Towards the end of the movie, she makes Luke realise that challenges are to be faced with peace and purpose, thus transposing the teacher-student roles. To conclude, the first step of teaching is to learn and that is what The Last Jedi demonstrates, thus making it one of the finest Star Wars movies ever made in recent times.