No SWTOR Roadmap for 2019 so far

No SWTOR Roadmap for 2019 so far

BioWare is not planing a Roadmap for SWTOR so far. I speculate that it might because BioWare Austine is waiting to see how the upcomming game Anthem does – to see whether they’ll have the staff numbers and resources/funding left to pull most of it off. 

Here is the news:

Hey folks,

Right now I don’t believe there are any plans for a formal roadmap in the coming weeks. To calm any concerns, that isn’t because there isn’t stuff happening this year, but we have been making an effort to give you more visibility into content sooner via PTS. With that in mind, here are some details:

  • 5.10.1 is on PTS now, which you already know. That will come out in the next couple of weeks, more details on timing this week.
  • After 5.10.1 is out the door, look for details on 5.10.2 going to PTS.
  • We are still locking down details so I can’t announce anything just yet, but we fully intend to be at SW Celebration this year. Which seems like a great place to reveal more details on what is coming this year.

Thanks all.