How to gamble with Ethereum

Nowadays cryptocurrencies have become popular. So many people are using this currency for different reasons. Online gambling sites have also adopted the use of cryptocurrencies. With so many online casinos such as the ones found at now allowing players to gamble using this currency. However, cryptocurrency is relatively a new trend in the online gambling industry. Therefore, many players need to know and understand how to use this currency. There are many cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but here we are going to talk about gambling at an Ethereum casino.

Getting An Ethereum Casino Account

Signing up or creating an account at an ethereum casino is the same as at a regular casino. All you need to do is to open an account, deposit some funds then you can start playing. 

The one big advantage players have when playing with this currency is that they don’t need to give away their details as they can play anonymously. Although you won’t be giving away your information it is still advised to choose a casino carefully so as to avoid scams.

Withdrawing From An Ethereum Casino

When you want to withdraw at an ethereum casino. You need to follow a few steps.  Just like you do at a regular casino, you log into your account, and press the withdrawal button or visit the page. There will be instructions and when put ethereum as the method you would like to use. Your winnings will be transferred to your account in no time.


You don’t need to worry about getting bonuses. You will receive some impressive bonuses when playing at ethereum casinos. Just like the regular casino you get all bonuses only that they will be in that currency. For instance, when you make a deposit of 2 ETH, a casino may give you an additional 2 ETH to play with.

There are a few casinos that accept this method of payment. However, the good thing is that you can still find your favourite casino games for real money and you can still enjoy bonuses just like every other player. The number of cryptocurrency casinos is growing by each year and many players are preferring this method because of the advantages that come with it.