Flashpoints of SWTOR: Taral V

Taral V, a small and largely unassuming planet located in the Outer Rim of the galaxy, has recently become a flashpoint in the ongoing conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire in the popular MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. This seemingly insignificant planet, once a thriving hub of trade and commerce, has been thrust into the spotlight due to its strategic importance and the fierce battles that have taken place there.

The conflict on Taral V began when the Sith Empire, seeking to expand its territory and secure valuable resources, launched an assault on the planet. The Republic, determined to protect its holdings and defend its allies, responded by sending a task force to counter the Sith invasion. The two sides soon found themselves locked in a stalemate, with both sides suffering heavy losses as they fought for control of the planet.

As the conflict raged on, it became clear that Taral V was more than just a simple skirmish. The planet’s strategic location made it a valuable prize, as it was situated near several key hyperspace routes and was home to valuable mineral deposits. Both the Republic and the Sith Empire recognized the importance of gaining control of Taral V, and the fighting soon escalated into full-scale warfare.

The conflict on Taral V quickly became one of the most intense and brutal in the ongoing war between the Republic and the Sith Empire. Both sides deployed their most skilled and powerful soldiers to the front lines, and the fighting was intense and relentless. The battle raged across the planet’s surface, with both sides fighting for control of key locations such as cities, spaceports, and resource mines.

Despite the ferocity of the fighting, the conflict on Taral V remained a stalemate for many months. Both sides suffered heavy losses, but neither was able to gain the upper hand. The situation seemed to be at a deadlock, with neither side able to gain the decisive victory that would allow them to claim victory on Taral V.

However, the tide of the conflict on Taral V began to shift when the Republic received unexpected support from an unlikely ally. The Hutt Cartel, a powerful criminal organization that had long remained neutral in the war between the Republic and the Sith Empire, decided to lend its support to the Republic. The Hutt Cartel, seeing an opportunity to further its own interests, provided the Republic with much-needed resources and troops, giving them a crucial advantage in the ongoing conflict.

With the support of the Hutt Cartel, the Republic was finally able to gain the upper hand on Taral V. The tide of the conflict began to turn in their favor, and the Sith Empire was gradually pushed back. After months of intense fighting, the Republic emerged victorious on Taral V, securing control of the planet and driving the Sith Empire off its surface.

The conflict on Taral V was a turning point in the ongoing war between the Republic and the Sith Empire. The Republic’s victory, made possible with the help of the Hutt Cartel, was a major blow to the Sith Empire and a significant boost to the Republic’s morale. The Republic’s success on Taral V also served as a warning to the Sith Empire, showing that the Republic was not to be underestimated and was willing to fight for its interests.

Despite the Republic’s victory on Taral V, the conflict between the two sides is far from over. The Sith Empire remains a formidable force, and the Republic knows that it must continue to defend its territory and protect its allies if it hopes to emerge victorious in the ongoing war. However, the Republic’s success on Taral V has given it a much-needed boost, and it remains determined to emerge victorious in the ongoing conflict.


What is the recommended gear level for Taral V?

The recommended gear level for the Taral V Flashpoint is around level 32 or higher. This ensures that your team can handle the challenging encounters and mechanics effectively​.

What strategy should be used to defeat General Edikar in Taral V?

To defeat General Edikar, interrupt his powerful abilities and avoid his ground-targeted AoE attacks. In Veteran Mode, he will spawn additional turrets that need to be dealt with quickly. In all modes, keep the tank focused on Edikar while DPS and healers manage adds and stay mobile to reduce damage taken​​.

How do I navigate the jungle paths in Taral V?

Navigating the jungle paths involves clearing groups of enemies strategically and avoiding environmental hazards. Use crowd control and keep moving to avoid getting overwhelmed. Be prepared for ambushes and coordinate with your team to handle enemy groups efficiently​​.

What is the best approach for handling the final boss, General Edikar, in this Flashpoint?

For General Edikar, focus on interrupting his high-damage abilities and avoiding standing in harmful ground effects. In Veteran and Master Modes, the number of turrets increases, so prioritize taking them out to reduce overall damage. Use defensive cooldowns and ensure the healer is ready to manage high-damage phases​​.

How do I manage the adds during the fight with General Edikar in Taral V?

Assign specific DPS players to quickly take down the adds that spawn during boss fights. Utilize crowd control abilities and ensure the healer is prepared to manage the additional damage. Keeping the adds under control is crucial to prevent them from overwhelming the group​​.

What are the key loot rewards from the Taral V Flashpoint?

The Taral V Flashpoint offers valuable gear upgrades, including high-level armor pieces and weapons. Specific achievements can also grant rewards like the General Edikar Trophy Decoration. Completing the Flashpoint in various difficulty modes can provide additional unique items and decorations​.

What is the significance of the story in Taral V?

The story in Taral V involves a mission to rescue an important Jedi prisoner held by the Empire. Players must fight through Imperial forces to reach and free the prisoner, adding depth to the SWTOR lore and contributing to the larger narrative of the Republic’s struggle against the Empire​.

Are there any special achievements associated with Taral V?

Yes, Taral V features several achievements for completing specific objectives within the Flashpoint. These include defeating bosses multiple times or in different difficulty modes, and avoiding particular mechanics. Notable achievements include the “Elite: Traversed Taral V (Master Mode)” which grants special decorations​.