SWG Shutdown Recap Video

FTW Broadcasting compiled a pretty cool recap video about the SWG shutdown and several of our articles are featured in the lineup. It’s a full 10 minutes recapping the issue of Star Wars closing down from the initial date the news was released through the petition, Sony shutting down the petitions and the eventual class action suit along with some comedy and parody and of course, the Goofygirl video that we brought you ourselves. 
The video is a great way to catch yourself up on the full story about Star Wars Galaxies that has the community in an uproar. 
When it comes to the gaming community a as a whole, the population seems pretty split. Some people agree with the reactions regarding the shutdown and feel like SWG players are entitled to something more for a game they purchased and have invested so much into. 
On the other side of the story, plenty of us have experienced a game we enjoyed shutting down before. It’s the nature of the beast, especially in an MMOPRG or any game that is multiplayer. Heck, TF2 just went free to play and I had to pay for my copy years ago. It must be all those hats they’re selling allowing them to switch to f2p mode. 
Online games are subject to change and MMORPGs often change more than any other game out there. How many MMORPGs have shut down in the past 4-5 years alone? It happens and it’s a risk you take when you purchase and play. 

Is Sony really wrong for shutting down SWG, especially with TOR on the way later this year? 

Chime in with your thoughts in the comments. 
See the full video for yourself:
Thanks for the shout-out FTW Broadcasting.