Community Event Pre-registration is now live!


BioWare is trying something new for this year’s Cantina Tours.  Starting with the Anaheim Cantina Tour in April is a pre-registration program that allow those who registered to earn additional rewards if they attend the registered cantina tour.

Community Event Pre-registration is now live! | 04.07.2015, 09:07 PM

Hey folks,
I wanted to tell you about our new Cantina pre-registration page! You can find the page and some more details on it here. However, let me give you the TLDR on the perks of pre-registering for our Cantinas:

  • If you pre-register and attend the Cantina, you are eligible for a pre-registrant exclusive swag drawing!
  • If you pre-register and then redeem that Cantina exclusive pack code, you will receive an additional in-game reward.
  • Pre-registrants will get priority access to the Cantina (you get in first!)
  • Note: RSVPing on Facebook does not count as pre-registering, you must do it through this new page.

You can also see all of our currently planned Cantinas for the year listed there as well. We will update those with the specifics of each event as we have it! Thanks everyone, see you at the Cantina.

You can view the registration page here:

Community Event Pre-registration is now live! | 04.07.2015, 09:46 PM

Originally Posted by Jerba

Great feature, I pre-registered immediately of course.
But what about our friends who have no SWTOR account or forgot to pre-register? Will they still be able to get priority access and enter with me or do they have to wait until regular access?

At least for now we are going to require that anyone who comes through the pre-registration line did in fact pre-register.

Originally Posted by Jerba

Also, I believe there is one design flaw:
Anyone can get the mount from a friend without having to attend the cantina, so players will just pre-register for all the cantina tours this year, which makes the whole pre-registration kind of pointless.

On our side of things the code you redeem if you attend, vs the the link you share afterwards are two different things. Meaning pre-registering and redeeming the code from attending is the only thing that will count for the extra reward!

Community Event Pre-registration is now live! | 04.07.2015, 10:08 PM

Originally Posted by LegoUniverseBC

How does the pre-register line work? How will you know who pre-registered? Will you ask for usernames?

We will be checking usernames and email addresses at the event!

Originally Posted by DarthVengeant

How about just streaming the entire thing online and do away with this “pre-order” garbage so that EVERYONE can just enjoy it in person or online without some “I am special” reward nonsense.

We are actually streaming our Cantina event from SW Celebration, so you can tune in! Nothing wrong with a little extra for those who attend though

Community Event Pre-registration is now live! | 04.07.2015, 10:11 PM

Originally Posted by DrMaul

Will pre-registering be capped based on venue capacity (i.e., does successful pre-registering guarantee entry)?

It is very rare that we hit venue capacity as we try to leave a lot of buffer. However, if for some reason we have a ton of pre-registrations and they are more numerous than our capacity, we could turn people away. It does not guarantee entry. I will reiterate though, we have never had this happen. Celebration could certainly though, our room is huge but so is our attendance!