SWTOR Cantina event Celebration 2016 [Video]

Here is a video captured from the 2016 SWTOR Cantina event, at Star Wars celebration Europe. I suggest starting at about 2 minutes, 20 seconds: they spend the time before this trying to get the microphones to work + announcing that they will play the #SWTOR5 trailer again later at the Cantina.

Dulfy also had A reader has sent over this private Q&A he had with the developers with a focus on group content.

Here is a snippet:

Q: “Why do so many questions go ignored for so long, it becomes hard to try and defend the dev team and Bioware. Why cant you just say ‘there will be more group content’ or ‘there will be more ops’ “

A: “It all comes down to Shadow of Revan. We announced we would release info on a new expansion and when the date of the announcement came, we had issues and had to delay the announcement. The negative reaction was off the scale and even though we announced the next working day, the damage was done and it overshadowed the entire release of Shadow of Revan and as a result it ruined the build up to the expansion. From then on we were no longer able to announce specifics in advance. So when we are not giving info or are staying silent on certain topics. This is the reason why. We know what everyone wants, and we try to plan ahead in the best way. Sometimes this means leaving one side of the game alone to catch up in another area that we need to work on. That does not mean that the other areas are not in our plans or that they are not being worked on. There are people at work in one room right now on one thing, other people in another room right now working on another thing and other people in other rooms working on other things. What can I say about new ops? Well Remember when for like a year all people asked about was ‘more pvp, more pvp, more pvp’ and then bang we released not one, but two new pvp’s…. he left that hanging for a moment and pulled a suggestive facial expression before we moved on.

This is by no means concrete confirmation of new ops or group content. But the suggestion is there and this is probably the best bit of information