Memes of the week: March 5 – March 11

It’s Sunday and time for a new round of “memes of the week”. This time a few non memes (but really funny pictures) got our attention to. I apologize for not adding credits to all images, but its not always possible to find the creators they way we find these images.

Everytime I hear C2-N2…

By Eutow

We need a Georg Zoeller meme.

By breetai3
by decoy1686

Everytime I play my alts

By Meeha

How to react to inquisitor wardrobes

Now I understand the Sith.


Stacking Surge for newbs

Forever Alone level: SWTOR

Kaliyo Got Back!

Zeschuk is a buzz kill ( not sure I get this one)

Love it when this happens
by geevz

Zoning into Ilum