PaxEast Day 3 Q&A Transcript & Audio

Dulfy has done it again and taken the time to map out the info that many of us might have missed while we were busy working, at school or doing whatever it is that we do. She posts on Reddit:

Hey, sorry this is a bit late but for those of you who have not listened to the audio for day 3 Q&A at Darth Hater, here is a transcript of the Q&A. The main points at this Q&A were operation diffculty/itemization/bugs (especially Soa), class balance (especially tank threats), and Jawa 2015.

Transcripts: Both links have same content, just pick one you like or not blocked at work 🙂

I will post the contents below for those who can’t view it at work:)

And so there we have it. Highlights and transcripts from the Q&A and all the great info that Darth Hater brought us fans as well. Thank you Dulfy and thank you Darth Hater.

For those of you getting your info here first, there are some pretty cool details included in this. They talk about when 1.2 will be (we’re all waiting , already), some info into Operations and nightmare mode, what we can expect from the new warzone, and so much more. Once again, here is some great info from PAX and we appreciate Darth Hater for the interview and Dulfy for giving us the transcripts.

Finally here is the MMORPG.COM video panel with James Ohlen:

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