BioWare Wants Feedback on UI: SWTOR and Beyond

As we’ve written about before, BioWare is looking for your feedback on Star Wars: The Old Republic. They are now asking for your feedback on the User Interface and customization. BioWare’s Live Community Coordinator Amber Green posted in the official forums asking for feedback on the UI and its customization. This is a functionality that many gamers complained about from the start and that BioWare has been working diligently to add and update. Some players, however, are still not happy with the current state of the UI.

Amber Green | Live Community Coordinator:

Hello everyone. Now that you’ve been able to use the UI Customization features implemented with Game Update 1.2, the developers would like to request your feedback. In this thread, please post to let us know what UI features or functions you would like to see implemented in the future.

We are already working on a few areas based on your feedback, such as additional hotbars and more customizable buff bars. While we do not have an estimate for when these features will be implemented, we are hoping that more great ideas will come from you!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. We’re looking forward to seeing your suggestions.

So now that you have your opportunity to share input on the UI, what would you like to see?

Here are some forum user suggestions:

  • Ability to scale and filter buffs/debuffs.
  • Buffs/debuffs need a countdown timer function you can turn on/off
  • Ability to turn off Portraits
  • Ability to “lock” certain buffs so they can’t be clicked on to remove
  • Better buff/debuff separation
  • Would love to see being able to use different textures for the skin of the UI frames. Not a big fan of the current blue.
  • The ability to hide any frame during combat. Don’t want a choice few, want the ability to hide them all if I so choose.
  • Name plates that don’t get hidden when in crowded situations.
  • Able to select a target by clicking on a name plate. The targeting icon in game does not always pick up the right target even though I’m moused over an individual. Might be easier if I could just target a name plate.
  • Separate out buffs and debuffs into their own frames.
  • CSS or XHTML skinning of UI by users. I know this one is probably a pipe dream but I would love to be able to make my own textures and skins for the UI.

Do you agree with any of these suggestions? Would you like to add your own? Do you think BioWare will continue to ask for player feedback for the future of SWTOR and how much input do you believe our opinions really have on the outcome of the game?

Lisa Clark

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