1.3.4 Patch Notes July 24, 2012

Servers are back up after some Scheduled Maintenance today. The most important fix must be the Warzone group frames bug.   Playing with friends became an exercise in someone counting down in vent, “Ok, click in 3…2…1…”. Another interesting “fix ” is this:  Soa’s orbs, lightning balls, and mind traps no longer grant social points. And this is what happens when you abuse a mechanic, people.

1.3.4 Patch Notes


  • Players can now use vehicles on Coruscant in the large areas of the Black Sun, Old Galactic Market, The Works, and the Jedi Temple districts.

Classes and Combat > General

  • All class “stun break” abilities now properly remove blind effects. For example, the blind effect caused by a Sorcerer’s Backlash skill can now be broken with each class’s “stun break” ability.

Companion Characters > General

  • Centurion Weaponmaster’s head gear no longer causes non-human companion heads to disappear.

Crew Skills > General

  • The crafting UI now correctly takes companion affection and other factors into account when displaying mission times.

Flashpoints and Operations > Flashpoints > The Esseles

  • In Hard Mode, Vokk’s enrage timer has been increased to 3 minutes. The damage for his Double Saber Toss and Lightning Storm has been reduced, and the time between the target appearing and damage for Lightning Storm occurring has been increased.

Operations > Eternity Vault

  • Soa’s orbs, lightning balls, and mind traps no longer grant social points.

Group Finder

  • Simultaneously submitted votes to kick a player are now counted correctly.
  • Lockout info now continues to display after closing the Group Finder pop-up.
  • The Group Finder group acceptance dialog now causes the main Group Finder window to close.
  • The travel dialog now closes automatically if it is open when you leave the group.
  • Players that experience a disconnect during a random Group Finder destination now receive the correct daily rewards if eligible.
  • Player eligibility for daily Group Finder rewards is now displayed correctly in the Group Finder window.
  • The tooltip on the Group Finder button now correctly reflects whether a group is eligible to find a replacement player.

Missions and NPCs > Missions > Belsavis

  • Republic Secrets: Corrected an issue that prevented players from clicking on the “Republic Data” datapad.

Missions and NPCs > Missions > Tatooine

  • Drive out the Twin Suns Pirates: This bonus objective can no longer be repeated more than once daily.

PvP > General

  • An issue that could prevent some players from being displayed in the Warzone group frames has been corrected.
  • Players no longer receive an incorrect “You have been queue for solo Warzones” message when being queue for a group Warzone while in a loading screen.
  • The Warzone scorecard now correctly tracks the number of kills; in some instances previously, it displayed a lower number than were actually performed.