1.7.3 Patch Notes – 3/26/2013

swtor Patch Notes 1_7_3

BioWare went on and posted that patch notes before server maintenance this time. Pretty awesome thing to do actually, and looking through the patch notes, they are equally awesome. Ready check & Personal Star ship  and Finally fixing the double bladed saber issue. This is going to be a good day 🙂 Check out the patch notes below:


  • Ready Check is now available!
    • Group and Operations Group leaders can initiate a Ready Check by using “/rc” or “/readycheck” chat commands or via the context group menu.
    • Each member of the group will then receive a pop-up prompting them to respond. Responding will place a visual cue on the raid frame or group frame of that player.
    • At the end of the Ready Check, chat feedback indicates whether the group is ready or if not, and lists any non-ready players.

Cartel Market


New Items

New Discounts

Expiring Discounts

  • All Weekly Passes are no longer 25% off.
  • The Longspur Sportster is no longer 25% off.
  • The Destroyer Armor Set is no longer 25% off.
  • The Sand People Pillager Armor Set is no longer 50% off.


  • The “/xantha” and “/kloo” emotes now hide player weapons appropriately while active.
  • The “/flourish” emote no longer attempts to hide weapons.


  • The Improved Priority Transport: Personal Starship character unlocks have been enabled once again.

Flashpoints and Operations

Kaon Under Siege

  • The “Rakghoul’s Bane” title will now be properly granted upon defeating the final encounter.



  • The Rhythm Augmentation Droid has been modified to provide entertainment only to those within visual range.


  • The Blue Sphere vehicle is no longer Bind on Pickup and now Binds to Legacy when purchased.
  • The Gold Scalene Armor set has had the minimum level corrected from 10 to 1.
  • Double-Bladed Lightsabers and Dual-Edge Vibroswords will now display both blades when using all abilities.
  • Corrected an issue where some chestpiece hoods would not display as intended with helms underneath. This fix only applies to those items which were incorrectly modified with Patch 1.7.1.

Missions and NPCs

Class Missions

Sith Warrior

  • The Transponder Station: Players will now be able to enter the Transponder Vessel phase entrance after leaving their personal starship.

Space Combat


Miscellaneous Bug Fixes