Preview of SWTOR Armor Dyes

swtor armor dyes

We already told you about how armor dye kits are coming to SWTOR. This is a point of excitement for many players who are looking forward to the chance to change their gear or wear gear they love with the colors they want.

While some of the gear is not eligible to be dyed, there is still a lot of flexibility when it comes to changing your look. This is just one more way that Bioware is moving forward with their “customization update” and giving players some of what we have been asking for all along. It’s many of these seemingly small details that actually make a game stand out among others.

Something as simple as the look of gear can make some players choose to leave the game. Allowing more customization, like with these armor dyes, is one more way to keep players happy and on board. While there are some complaints about it costing in the Cartel Market, the overall opinions on this upcoming feature are positive.

Now we have a few screenshots as a preview to help us know what we can all look forward to with game update 2.1.

So what do you think? What dye sets do you want to see? What armor will you pay to change the color? Do you think this new feature will cause problems for those who are fans of the lore? Give us a shoutout here and let us know what you think.

Here you can see another image:

swtor armor dyes 3

swtor armor dyes 2

swtor smuggler armor dyes


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