New SWTOR Tool – Cartel Market Tracker

Happy Life Day Marauder Style

Here is a new tool that launched today. A website to track the Cartel Market –

It keeps track of the history of items in the Cartel Market (including price and availability). An example of this can be seen here
Whenever the cartel market changes there will be an automated post to reddit. This will break down new items, items no longer available, items that are available again, and price change (showing the old and new price).

At the bottom of every list (including the home page) there is a graph which beaks down all the prices in that list.

Features that I am currently working on and should be coming soon:

  • Tracking Collections prices
  • Including images with the cartel market item
  • Breaking down the items included
  • Links to posts about what is included in packs
  • UI that is closer to what is seen in game
  • Twitter Alerts
  • Other Tools

swtor_conquest is working on a couple of other tools, but he is not quite ready to release them. But if anyone knows of any good resources for datamining (or someone would be willing to chat with hi,) I know he would be grateful. You can contact him on his twitter account here