‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Was Right To Cut Its Single-Player Campaign

Star Wars Battlefront Hero System

The new and upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront is turning out to be one of the biggest game releases this fall. I am sure that it would have done fine any other year, but since its being released in 2015, it also has all of the hype from Star Wars: The Force Awakens that is releasing in December.

However, fans have been upset that no matter how good it looks, Battlefront will not have a single-player campaign. Instead, the entire game will either be a death match multiplayer or co-op in individualized missions. There is no story mode at all.

EA’s Peter Moore recently talked about the decision:

“You make a decision, years out, and you plan for what the world looks like when a game ships in two or three years. That’s about the intuitiveness about the executive producer, and his or her vision for the game.”

“Between when a dev team starts work on a game, and when it finishes, the world becomes a different place. I remember when we started work on Star Wars: The Old Republic; at the time, the model to go for was subscription. By the time we had the game ready, the model to go for wasn’t subscriptions.”

“…very few people actually play the single-player on these kinds of games. That’s what the data points to.”

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