Why Is There So Much Hate on Star Wars: Battlefront?

Why Is There So Much Hate on Star Wars Battlefront

If you’ve been following the news and updates on Star Wars: Battlefront then you are surely no stranger to the fact that there is a lot of negativity surrounding this game. The community seems to be really torn on whether to love it or hate it. While there are some who straddle the fence in the gray zone, most everyone is in one camp or the other. What is it about this game that has so many people either super hyped or super let down?

I have a lot of theories on this answer but of course, it’s all speculation. My guess is that with any big Star Wars game, the community is going to be anxious. We love Star Wars. We love games. We want great Star Wars games. And the truth is, we’ve been let down before. A lot. Some of us are bitter about that. Some of us are tired of being sold a lot of Star Wars hype only to be delivered a let down.

Will Star Wars Battlefront follow that same pattern? Well, that’s the magic question. Some people are hopeful and like what they see so far. Others feel they’ve already experienced the letdown. For one reason or another, they’re just not impressed with the game EA/DICE is delivering and they won’t be buying into it.

Another problem is that this is a reboot but due to the branding, it’s going to be compared to previous games in the Battlefront series. This is not always a good thing when the reboot varies a great deal from the previous games.

What are some reasons people are disappointed with Star Wars Battlefront?

Answers are really all over the board and people will debate each one about whether or not it’s an actual problem. Here are some reasons that have been presented:

  • Not enough maps/varied maps
  • Not enough features from previous Battlefront games (thus alienating existing fan market)
  • Poor game mechanics
  • Too “unfinished”
  • lack of Server Browser
  • No space battles

So what do you think? Which camp are you in? Have you written off Star Wars Battlefront before it’s even launched? Are you excited to play it? Waiting to see how it turns out post-launch? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts.

Lisa Clark

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