The ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Beta’s Most Glaring Problem Could Actually Be An Asset

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta has been wrapped up and there is a ton of talk about it and what fans think of the game so far. So it seems that fans are quite satisfied by the beta.

After reading through the large amount of coverage about opinions of the beta, the impressions are mainly positive. The most common compliment it that it “just feels like a Star Wars game.” However, there have been a handful of complaints and we are going to discuss what we think is the beta’s biggest problem.

It really all depends on who you ask on what the game’s biggest problem is. Erik Kain, from Forbes, thinks that Star Wars: Battlefront’s main issue is the lack of having a campaign. Even though it has an amazing multiplayer experience, there still feels like something is missing when the “campaign mode” is really just survival mini games with very little story. He thinks they should release a campaign as a DLC later for free.

As awesome as this idea sounds, it doesn’t seem very realistic. The campaign was cut out of the game to begin with because of how much work it takes to develop them. If one was to be released for free, it would probably be very minimal. Also, they would have to design a separate storyline that is based on the already existing trilogy universe, and that would be a challenge of its own. Many fans are upset that ROTJ-era Luke Skywalker is going around on Hoth fighting Darth Vader.

However, this is not the main problem that we are speaking of in the title. The main problem is the balance issue on Hoth.

What do you think is the biggest issue for Star Wars: Battlefront? Let us know in the comments below.