Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Event Calendar for June 2023

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Event Calendar for June 2023

In the ever-evolving universe of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, players around the world are gearing up for another exciting month of intergalactic challenges and rewards. The game’s developer, EA, has recently unveiled the event calendar for June 2023, providing a glimpse into the intriguing adventures that await Holotable Heroes in the upcoming weeks​.

Daily and Bonus Calendar

The daily calendar for June will feature the Sith Assassin, a character known for their agile combat style and shadowy infiltration techniques. Every day, players will have opportunities to enhance this character’s abilities and leverage their strengths in battles.

Alongside the Sith Assassin, the bonus calendar for June will spotlight HK-47, the infamous assassin droid from the Old Republic era. HK-47 is renowned for its battle prowess and strategic acumen, and the bonus calendar will offer players additional ways to upgrade and utilize this unique character​​.

Territory Battles and Wars

In terms of large-scale events, the Territory Battles and Wars in June will see some alterations. The schedule will be shuffled a bit, but the total number of events will remain the same, ensuring that players have ample opportunities to test their squads and earn valuable rewards.

Of note, the Territory Battle commencing on June 30 will feature a shorter SELECTION period. This change is due to an upcoming update set to be released around the same time. EA encourages players and guilds to mark this adjustment in their calendars to ensure they are prepared for the event​.

Upcoming Updates

While the details of the aforementioned update have not been disclosed yet, the anticipation surrounding it adds an extra layer of excitement to the June event calendar. Players are eagerly looking forward to the changes and enhancements that this update might bring to the game.

Final Thoughts

As always, EA reminds players that all dates are subject to change, so keeping an eye on official announcements is crucial to stay updated. June 2023 promises to be an engaging and eventful month for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes fans worldwide, filled with intense battles, strategic decisions, and thrilling rewards.

With a mix of daily and bonus events, as well as significant updates, the game continues to offer a rich and dynamic experience, capturing the essence of the Star Wars universe and the spirit of strategic gameplay. So, gather your guild, prepare your characters, and get ready to conquer the galaxy!