NYCC 2014: Star Wars Rebels discussion panel and exclusives

The New York city Comic Con ended earlier this month and videos from the event are starting to surface on the web. Of particular Star Wars interest is the one for Disney’s latest TV series called Star Wars Rebels. In the four-part video posted below, we take a closer look at the connections between the original Star Wars movies and the series as well as the back story of Rebels.

During NYCC, Disney also revealed an exclusive clip titled “Phantom Chase” that you can watch below.

SWToRStrategies is certainly watching “Rebels” with a lot of interest. The show has the right balance to appeal to both new and long-time Star Wars fans. It is Star Wars done right. One can certainly see the connections between the original movies throughout all the episodes of the series. Voice is acting is extremely nicely done. The dynamic between Hera and Kanan remind us a lot of Princess Leia and Han Solo from the movies. There are certainly some Disney-like moments but there hardly noticeable and hardly take away from the overall experience.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the “Rebels”, you can catch it every Friday on Disney XD and of course you can watch it online.